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Elm Street: Dream Warriors
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Elm Street: Dream Warriors

"Ahhh...Fresh meat." - Freddy Kreuger

Have you ever sat and wondered what happened to all of the other children and teenagers in Springfield between the third and sixth Nightmare on Elm Street movies? Alice may have defeated Freddy as the Dream Master in a couple battles but he seems to be winning the war. Alice moved away with her son and father, so it would only take a few years before Freddy gathered enough energy to return to the dreamscape once again.

This journal is a interactive dream world of sorts based around the "Muse Head" concept created by duchess_webb and (insert other names here). You shall become one of the surviving teenagers of Springfield, a "dream warrior" with a special gift to allow you to fight back against Freddy's evil.

Create an Avatar using one of the Doll Designers below and then you try to face Freddy Kreuger along with your fellow Dream Warriors to defeat him once and for all.

Good luck!

Freddy Kreuger

"You are all my children now!" - Freddy Kreuger

These are great sights for creating Avatars...

Magenta Sky's Doll Maker
This is THE best sight for creating basic Dollz! (Male & Female)

Evil Spice's Faerie Dollz Maker
If ya want to create a faerie or fantasy look for your Dollz. (Female only)

Evil Spice's Punk Dollz Maker
If ya want to create a punk or street look for your Dollz. (Female only)

Pink Cherry's Gothic Dollz Maker
If ya want to create a gothic look for your Dollz. (Female only)

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